Signal Rock Glencoe, also known as Glencoe Cottages, has been host to families, friends and great holidays for over 30 years! 

A new chapter for Signal Rock Glencoe

Over the last 30+ years Victoria Sutherland has built and run the accommodation here in the heart of Glencoe. Not only providing an amazing experience for all the guests she has forged the path for sustainable tourism in Scotland being the first site to use a central biomass system for all the heating and one of the founding members of the Green Tourism Alliance, now over 2000 members strong. With such accolades, a truly unique location and 30 years of guests to look after, it’s a wonderful gift to be able to step in and take on the business.

This summer we are looking forward to the excitement of meeting and greeting new guests such as yourselves and sharing the area that we love so much. In the long term we have a vision to continue the work Victoria has done within developing sustainable methods for tourism and lead from the head of the pack with gold standards in this!

About Us

Keren Smail – A trained contemporary dancer from the far south of England. Over the last few years travel around the world has sparked her interest in the outdoors and has brought her up to Scotland. She loves to meet, greet and learn more about visitors.  She will make sure they have a great time. In her free time she’ll be found on the hills and mountains rain wind or snow (and maybe even busting some moves).

Rob Kingsland – Born and raised in Aberdeenshire on the east coast of Scotland, a lifetime of skiing has lead to the desire to make the move west into the spectacular setting of Glencoe. After four year at The University of Edinburgh Rob has worked in hospitality and marketing around the world from Switzerland to New Zealand and even closer to home in Shetland! With the spare moments in summer Rob can be found on the mountains or in the sea, on bikes and boards (definitely not busting moves). 

This is a hugely exciting new chapter in our lives and we can’t wait to share it with you whether you’ve been coming here for the last 30 years or if this will be your first visit!

Please do get in touch with us if you need to ask some questions, book your stay or discuss your trip, we’d love to help!

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